Our Mission

Spark Boulder is a 501c3 that helps professional and aspiring entrepreneurs grow themselves and their companies through affordable space, professional development, startup incubation, and community network.

Our Vision

Spark Boulder will enable Boulder to remain at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship by facilitating creativity, supporting innovative ideas, and further cultivating talent that thrives in the Boulder community.

Companies and Organizations that Have called Spark their home:


Impact to Date:

  • Hosted Startup weekend and Liftoff 2015

  • 3 CU Computer Science classes hosted (20 students each)

    • Front End Web Development

    • Back End Web Development (coming fall 2016)

  • Digital Marketing Class (20 students)

  • Watson University hosted at Spark (2014 - 2016)

  • Est. 35+ companies (30+ student run companies)

  • Spark companies have gone on to participate in 5 accelerators in 3 citiesTechStars, BoomTown, Catalyze CU, The Mill, Dreamit ventures, Entrepy

  • 7 annual-long student clubs hosted

  • 76 currently active members

  • 25 students in initial class, with 90% internship placement, 24 in second class, 3 Full Time positions offered to Spark Classes graduates so far.

  • Over 2500 event attendees to date

  • Hosted Catalyze CU and the Unreasonable Institute in summer 2014

  • Hosting Jumpstart accelerator program in 2016

  • Interns 2 Startups Program: Connecting students with developer and/or marketing internship positions




A membership at Spark Boulder gets you much more than simply 24-hour access to a co-working space. You are joining an ecosystem of both students and professional entrepreneurs. All highly motivated and working toward independent and group goals. By becoming a part of this vibrant network of entrepreneurs, you have access to an endless variety of entrepreneurial resources, mentors, internships, classes/workshops -- and much more!


As a co-working space that exists to help develop the professional skills of students and professionals alike, the opportunities are endless. Spark is the liaison between the professional start-up community of Boulder and the University of Colorado. As a non-profit, surplus is re-invested into the community. We exist to help further promote the already bustling startup community of Boulder and offer the hands-down, most competitively priced coworking space in town.