Front-end Web Development Syllabus

Course Description:
Introductory front-end web development course for students. Does not require prior programming experience.

Method of Instruction:
This course will be taught using a lecture/lab format. In class instruction is twice weekly on Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Spark Boulder.

Course Key Objectives: Provide an introduction to the languages and tools of modern front-end web development, including the command line, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, deployment and site hosting.


Sessions (led by Instructor Ken Hoff)

Session 0 Mon, Jun 6th    Slides    Introduction, first HTML page

Session 1 Wed, Jun 8th    Slides    Command Line, Hosting your site on Firebase

Session 2 Mon, Jun 13th    Slides    HTML tags & attributes, the 'style' attribute

Session 3 Wed, Jun 15th    Slides    CSS styles and selectors, external stylesheets    Note: No sessions June 20th or 22nd!

Session 4 Mon, Jun 27th    Slides    Portfolio Site Show-and-Tell, Lab session

Session 5 Wed, Jun 29th    Slides    CSS layouts, the display style, flexbox & media queries

Session 6 Mon, Jul 4th    Slides    Bootstrap & CSS frameworks

Session 7 Wed, Jul 6th    Slides    Bootstrap Themes & Customization

Session 8 Mon, Jul 11th    Slides    Working with Clients, Customers, Designers and Product managers

Session 9 Wed, Jul 13th    Slides    Client Project Show-and-Tell, Lab session

Session 10 Mon, Jul 18th    Slides    Javascript 101: the <script> tag

Session 11 Wed, Jul 20th    Slides    Javascript 102: variables, loops, and functions

Session 12 Mon, Jul 25th    Slides    Javascript 103: objects and arrays

Session 13 Wed, Jul 27th    Slides    Javascript 104: working with the browser API

Session 14 Mon, Aug 1st    Slides    Hackertyper project Show-and-Tell, Lab session

Session 15 Wed, Aug 3rd    Slides    jQuery 201: including jQuery on your site

Session 16 Mon, Aug 8th    Slides    jQuery 202: using jQuery selectors and methods

Session 17 Wed, Aug 10th    Slides    jQuery 203: HTTP requests with jQuery

Session 18 Mon, Aug 15th    Slides    Advanced Topics: Back End Web Development with Node.js

Session 19 Wed, Aug 17th    Slides    Quote-of-the-Day project Show-and-Tell, wrap-up/part