Digital Marketing Course

(Monday & Thursday from 6-7:30PM from 2/13-4/27, 2017*)

(There will be no classes during CU's Spring Break)


What you will learn:

You will learn the basics of SEO, Adwords, Social media,Google analytics, and A/B Testing.
for a breakdown see syllabus here

Schedule and Costs:

8 week class.
 Payment options: Either a one time payment of $999 or 6 monthly payments of $216

What you will need:

To take this class you should have..
 a laptop




“The instructor was awesome—not only did he know a lot about digital marketing, he also does it as a career, so gave us plenty of practical specifics. Now I can run a small-medium digital campaign, and even more importantly, I can also see and understand how to work my way up through the digital community in Boulder. I know the skills and connection will help.”